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Shape a better future of work in science 

We bring sustainability, agility, and new work to the management levels of science.



What We Do @SciLead


Effective meetings & collaboration with agile frameworks for practice-oriented results.

We organize regular meetings to connect scientists. We use different formats to provide input on topics such as new leadership, communication or work culture.

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Leadership starts with yourself.

In workshops and trainings you can educate yourself on self-leadership, develop your leadership and organizational skills to unleash the knowledge and potential of your group.

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​Using our scientific background, we conduct our own research on leadership in academia and publish our results in scientific journals.

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Work, Life and Science in Balance 

Our vision is an academic environment which acknowledges and fosters leadership and mentorship as central pillars for good and reliable science. 


We aim to empower scientists to lead themselves and others, while promoting sustainable practices that enhance the well-being and thriving of individuals at all levels of academia. Using holistic leadership practices, academics of all levels and disciplines can contribute to a sustainable future in science - on a sociological, ecological and economical level.



We are scientists, researchers and innovators

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Verena Haage, PhD [she/her]

Verena is a neuroimmunologist and postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Translational and Computational Neurimmunology at Columbia University in New York City. Her research focuses on heterogeneity of human microglia in health and in the context of neurodegenerative diseases. Verena has a strong interest in promoting research sustainability and worked on several aspects of sustainability in science, including a study assessing conference traveling behavior of scientists as well as the social aspects of research sustainability by focusing on and advocating for the importance of leadership and mentorship in academia. She is a co-founder of the Sustainable Leadership for Science initiative and leading author of a study assessing the state of leadership in academia in Germany. Since 2022 she is an active eLife ambassador with the goal to advocate and drive for the inclusion of leadership and mentorship in research assessment. 

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Diana Alatriste González, PhD [she/they]

Diana Alatriste González is a biomedical and neuroscience researcher. Born and raised in Mexico City, she moved to Amsterdam to complete her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences in the University of Amsterdam. Afterwards, she moved to Berlin, Germany where she completed a PhD in Biology from the Freie Universität Berlin. 
After concluding her PhD, Diana joined the tech start-up world where has recently fallen in love with the field of User Experience Research as it represents her two biggest passions: research and empowering people. 
She is an enthusiast of science education and has participated in different science communication initiatives where she likes to explain and discuss the main findings of her doctoral research. Her experience and struggles during her PhD  are the main drivers of Diana’s goal of advocating for better leadership practices that allow graduates students to thrive and be their best selves. 

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Linn Voß, PhD [she/her]

Linn Voß is a toxicologist and biochemist who studied in Berlin, Heidelberg, Copenhagen and Zurich. During her Bachelor and Master degree, she investigated various topics like protein degradation, protein production, protein-protein interaction and protein oxidation. This did not directly lead to her PhD in nanotoxicology, but Linn loves to leave the known terrain and explore something new. 
During her time in academia, she experienced its light and dark sides: Linn dropped out of two Master and one PhD programme before finding the right fit (and getting that title in the end). But while her relationship with academia was never easy, she is a big advocate for science. Even though she does not stand in the lab anymore, she wants to enhance the working conditions of researchers in all disciplines. Using her experience as a project manager, process facilitator and scientists, she builds bridges wherever possible. 

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Daniela Nguyen, MSc [she/her]

Daniela Nguyen had the vision of a community in which scientists can develop their leadership skills and freely exchange their work culture situations and learning experiences. After her bachelor studies in Biochemistry she continued with a master's degree spending 1,5 years in research internships in Norway, Singapore and Germany. Following her own experiences in science in biochemistry she founded SciLead with three fellow academics who share her vision.

She is a trained workshop facilitator focusing on leadership and strategy and has worked as an analytics consultant as well as a founder's associate in a start-up environment. Currently she is taking a break and concentrating on her passion as a competitive ballroom dancer.

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A crucial step for developing sustainable leadership practices in academia is providing researchers with adequate training opportunities.

The need for sustainable leadership in academia, Haage et al. 2021, EMBO Reports

During our collaboration - I was invited as a speaker - I was able to gain a little insight into the team spirit of Sustainable Leadership. I experienced the communication with Diana, Verena and Linn as very appreciative and inspiring. The fact that they fill the topic of leadership in science with both experience and inspiration is evident from their growing international network, whose representatives came in large numbers to my event.

Ulrike Schneeberg
PhD, Career Coach, Career Development, Leadership Coach

… growing evidence suggests that the leadership style of academic supervisors can dramatically affect the mental health and performance of academic employees …

The need for sustainable leadership in academia, Haage et al. 2021, EMBO Reports


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